Roentgenometric Pelvimetry

 Read before the Surgical Gynecological and Obstetrical Society, at the Ninety-first Annual Convention of the of the A.I.H., at New york City, June 2 to 6 1935. CHARLES W.PERKINS, M.D. Norwalk, Conn   FOR some time the x-ray has been used to advantage in diagnosis of multiple pregnancy, position of fetus and fetal abnormalities. However, … Read more

Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris or Shepherds Purse

  Read before the Bureau of Materia Medica, Illinois homoeopathic Medical Association, Chicago, Ill, May 9, 1935. B.A.MARSDEN, M.D. Jerseyville, Ill.   THIS drug, for eighteen years, has been giving me some remarkable results in various ways. Particularly has it been found useful in kidney stone, gallstones, haemorrhages, and various dropsical effusions. Others have mentioned haemorrhage … Read more

Application of homoeopathic Principles in of Mental States

MURRAY BERGMANN, M.D. Middletown, N.Y.   THE object of this paper is to reveal and evaluate homoeopathic principles in the treatment of mental reactions. Such an approach is being practiced at the Middletown State homoeopathic Hospital where our observations were made. In this paper we will also bring forth the observations and conclusions arrived at … Read more

Experiences with the Friedman Test

  Read before the Obstetrical Society, at the Ninety-first Annual Convention of the A.I.H., at New York City, June 2 to 6, 1935. E.A. MARSHALL, M.D., and EDWARD GOODSIT,M.D. Cleveland, Ohio.   FOR several years it has been known that the amount of female sex hormone, estrin, as well as the amount of gonad stimulating hormone … Read more

Fissure in Ano with Complications and Treatment

  Read before the Surgical and Gynecological Society, at the Ninety-first Annual convention of the A.I.H., at New York City June 2 to 5,1935. ORLANDO R. VON BONNEWITZ, M.D. New York, N.Y.   SINCE anal fissure is such a frequently occurring disorder in proctology and since in proctology and since the symptom are so well known, … Read more

History of Homoeopathy

II. Hahnemann. RUDOLPH TISCHNER,M.D. Munich. Translated by. LINN J.BOYD,M.D.,F.A.C.P. (Continued from June).   XI.THE NATURAL HEALING POWER. THE vital force, or, as one also states in respect to diseases, the “natural healing power,” is a delicate field on which one has written so much the more, the less one knows about it. It withdraws from … Read more

The Homoeopathic Aspects of the Diabetic Case

Read before the Bureau of homoeopathy, at the Ninety-first Annual. Convention of the A.I.H., a New York City, June 206, 1935. GARTH W. BOERICKE, M.D. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   IT HAS been said that every surgical case has a medical aspect. In a similar way, we might say that every diabetic case has a homoeopathic aspect. … Read more

Pruritus Ani

  Read before the Surgical and Gynecological Society, at the Ninety-first Annual Convention of the A.I.H.,at New York City, June 2 to 6, 1935. ROY UPHAM, M.D., F.A.C.S. New York, N.Y   PRURITUS ANI is on of the most distressing affections encountered in the sphere of proctology. A discussion of its definition is superfluous: the particular … Read more

The treatment of Complex Rectal Fistulae

CARL H. WINTSCH, M.D. Newark, N.J.   IN THE treatment of complex rectal Fistulae, neglected postoperative treatment, the failure to find he internal opening of he fistula, of the fistula, or the failure to excuse all the tracts of the fistula, will often subject your patient to one or more secondary operations. It may be … Read more