Read by title, Bureau of Clinical Medicine, I.H.A., July 23, 1954. H.A. NEISWANDER, M.D.   Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the outstanding maladies which handicaps humanity in general with no respect to age, station in life, rich or poor or any degree of sanitation. With all the effort as to research, prophylaxis or treatment in … Read more


Rueckerts Translated by the late S.W.S. from Rueckerts Klinische Erfahrungen.   Belladonna A spoiled, obstinate, wild boy of 14, who urinated involuntarily during the day, e.g. when playing or especially when standing still, but regularly at night in bed (in spite of being often awakened), was cured by Belladonna 200C. (Gauwerky) Calcarea carbonica Young man … Read more