JUGAL KISHORE, B.SC., D.M.S. (H.S.F.).   General Introduction Iodine is the heaviest member of the halogen group. It has the greatest affinity for oxygen and least for hydrogen. With the increasing atomic weight the halogens show modifications in their symptomatology, but in all the halogens there is a certain strand of common symptoms which seem … Read more


Translated by S.W.S. from Allgemeine Homoeopathis Zeitung, Vol. 182, No.6. HANS RITTER, M.D.   This remedy was incorporated into the homoeopathic materia medica in 1864 by the Italian physician Rubini. His monograph contains a large number of proving symptoms which the author and his spouse had experienced (during the proving) and clinical indications which prompted … Read more


Robert H Farley TREATMENT OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS.   The writer has now, under homoeopathic treatment, a patient suffering from multiple sclerosis, a disease marked by periods of remissions or of quiescence, yet considered incurable by orthodox standards of treatment, who reported his remarkable improvement under the stimulus of the indicated remedy to a national organization … Read more