Guy Beckley Stearns   That master prescriber, Wm. P. Wesselhoeft, describes a case which is classical in epitomizing the art of homoeopathy. A man had suffered from impotence for six years. Wesselhoeft treated him for a while, but all he succeeded in doing was to reduce the patients extreme tendency to catch cold; the impotence … Read more


Read before I.H.A., Bureau of Materia Medica, June 18, 1940. T.K. MOORE, M.D.   Drug action in disease is apparently a stimulative process despite our age-old idea of physiological action. This latter is real enough but its excitant can be best explained as stimulative; for instance, with sodium salicylate in iritis, potassium iodide in paralysis … Read more


Read by title before I.H.A., Bureau of Materia Medica, June 18,. 1940. H.LUNA CASTRO, M.D.   SYNONYMS: Tlaxcapan, Cacastlapa, Tanibata, Espanta ginetes, Limpia tunas, Pegajosa, Espanta lobos. BOTANICAL NAME: Ipomoea Stans. Cav. Tumbavaqueros or Ipomoea stans. is a plant which has been used in the Mexican Republic since an immemorial epoch. The Aztecs, Chichimecas and … Read more


ELIZABETH WRIGHT HUBBARD, M.D.   To this august assemblage no explanation is needed that a G.P.” does not stand for general paretic, nor even for grateful patient, for in the I.H.A. (alias Internally Happy Altruists, or Intensely Homoeopathic Aggregate, or Immediately Helpful Aids, or whatever each of you feels the I.H.A. symbolizes) all your patients … Read more