[ Translated by S.W.S.]. A. NEBEL, M.D.   Acidum fluoricum: Especially indicated in postoperative recurrences. Cheloidal degeneration of scar, intensely red and itching; pressure on scar very painful. Arsenicum album: Severe burning pain in tumor and great irritability. Open cancer, fetid odor, greasy, gangrenous in parts. Arsenicum iodatum: Hard mammary carcinoma in emaciated patients with … Read more


[ Read before the Bureau of Materia Medica, I.H.A., June 27, 1947.]. ELIZABETH WRIGHT HUBBARD, M.D.   Thuja, one of Hahnemanns favorite discoveries, is one of the most difficult remedies for the beginner to learn in all the homoeopathic Materia Medica. Its symptoms are more mixed and scattered than most of the remedies, and its … Read more


[ Read by title, Bureau of Materia Medica, I.H.A., June 27, 1947.]. EUGENE UNDERHILL, JR., M.D.   Nitric acid covers a wide field and is a frequently indicated polychrest. It is antipsoric, antisyphilitic and antisycotic. Tuberculous subjects who for years have been forced to consume excessive amounts of milk often require this remedy. Syphilitic patients … Read more