NOTE: Send questions to Dr. Eugene Underhill, Jr., 2010 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.   Question: AT WHAT INTERVALS SHOULD AN INFANT UNDER SIX MONTHS BE FED?. Answer: Except in special cases we advise four-hour intervals and a total of five feedings in twenty-four hours. A rest period of eight hours without food should be provided … Read more


ROYAL HAYES. M.D.   What clouds of murky living, of susceptibility to disease, might be rolled away were a knowledge of disease suppression conveyed to popular understanding. Not even cure is as important for the medical or lay man to recognize, as is suppression and its results. As domestic and public sanitation has been the … Read more


Read before I.H.A., Bureau of Surgery, June 16, 1942.   GUSTAVUS A. ALMFELT, M.D. Strictly speaking, surgery is only a group of modalities or that branch of medical science called physiotherapy, because it employs physical means in the treatment of disease and not internal medication. Generally it can be divided into two main groups, constructive … Read more


Eugene Underhill   SULFADIAZINE. Since the introduction of sulfanilamide to this profession in 1935, so-called chemotherapeutic agents have been developed in bewildering profusion. We are informed by a friend and colleague, dean of the medical fraternity in this city, a conscientious adherent to the ways of orthodox medicine, that there are some what over two … Read more

SAMUEL HAHNEMANN The Outline of a Play

BENJAMIN C. WOODBURY, M.D.   Samuel Hahnemann is a drama based upon the life story of this great medical reformer of the nineteenth century, from his boyhood and early struggles to obtain an education, and from his student days in Leipsic and Vienna to his graduation at the University of Erlangen, in 1779. We then … Read more


EUGENE UNDERHILL, JR., M. D., Editor. STERILITY AND THYROID DEFICIENCY.   Homoeopathic treatment of sterility in the female has been successful but not phenomenal in its average of results. On the other hand a most encouraging record has been made in the treatment of hyperthyroidism and goitre and many brilliant cures of these conditions are … Read more