[Read before I.H.A., Bureau of Homoeopathic Philosophy, June 18, 1942.]. WILLIAM GUTMAN, M.D.   For practical purposes, homoeopathic research work can be divided into two great groups :. GROUP I. Research not requiring money. GROUP II. Research requiting money. I begin with Group I which is more readily attainable for obvious reason, and wish to … Read more


[Excerpted from La Homoeopatia, Oct. 1941, translated by S.W.S.]. DR. CELIANO PEREZ VARGAZ.   Kali phosphoricum: Where there is severe neurasthenia; shoulder be given during the last three months of pregnancy. Helonias: Albuminuria in pregnancy with somnolence and great weakness; a splendid diuretic where indicated. Mercurius corrosivus is also recommended in albuminuria of the pregnant … Read more


Eugene Underhill ANOTHER VACCINATION EPIDEMIC.   Our present Federal Administration is persistently sadistic in its policy. The various governmental agencies are kicking and browbeating the public into a masochistic mood so it will take punishment, like it and ask for more. The timing of the 1943 vaccination epidemic was perfect. The psychologic and emotional stage … Read more