A. AND D. T. PULFORD, M.D.   IDENTIFICATION: Agonized tossing about. ESSENTIAL: Agonized tossing about. Restless. Extreme anxiety. Great fear, especially of death. Expression of fear. Great. unquenchable thirst for large quantities which agree, everything else but water tastes bitter, the drinking seems. to increase the thirst. High fever. Dry, hot skin. Pulse. full and … Read more


  EVELINE B. LYLE, M.D.   The request has come from several readers of The Recorder for cases showing the correct evaluation of symptoms with the method of repertorizing in order to chose the similimum. The importance of this question to new students of homoeopathy, as well as to many older homoeopaths, is very vital, for … Read more


   AN ANSWER TO OPEN FORUM QUERY. WILLIAM H. SCHWARTZ, M. D.   Perhaps the answer to the question What Is Wrong with the Homoeopathic Movement–Professionally? is found through a discussion of the issues involved in the authors query, “Is it not because we are not in the least unanimous about the limitations of our particular … Read more


  Read before the I.H.A., Bureau of Materia Medica, June 1930. HARVEY FARRINGTON, M.D.   If the physician clearly perceives what is to be cured in each individual case of disease, and what is curative in each individual medicine, and if he knows how to adopt what is curative to what is undoubtedly morbid, according to … Read more


Allan D Sutherland The Editors assume no responsibility for opinions expressed in this department. Millburn, N.J., Dec. 8, 1930.   To the Editor of the Homoeopathic Recorder:. In the December 1930 number of the Journal of the American Institute of Homoeopathy is an editorial Koetschaus Scientific Basis of Homoeopathy, A Simplified Version, in which the … Read more


H.B.F. JERVIS, VETERINARIAN.   It has been said that comparisons are odious, but this dose not apply to scientific surely, in fact it seems to me that comparisons cannot but help broaden the view point of the conscientious truth seeker. This paper had its inception in the fact that many veterinarians are seeking for some … Read more


   Lecture delivered at the Post-Graduate School of the A.H. for H., July 1930. Also read before the Conn. Homoeopathic Medical. Society, Oct. 21, 1930. H.A. ROBERTS, M.D.   This paper deals only with the homoeopathic treatment of erysipelas. You all know the etiology, the pathology, and you can find in medical books the prognosis and … Read more