Allan D Sutherland The Editors assume no responsibility for opinions expressed in this department.   To the Editor of the Homoeopathic Recorder:. I was much interested in Dr. Gimmers criticism of aluminum cooking utensils in the September Recorder. Will someone please tell me what utensils are perfectly safe for the housewife to use? We can … Read more


Allan D Sutherland HOMOEOPATHY-A TRUE SCIENCE AND A TRUE SYSTEM.   Science deal with effects alone, and material; it has little knowledge of basic causes. Homoeopathy, alone, most nearly reaches that coveted goal by practical application of the knowledge gained through drug proving, which it is producing, proving and verifying daily. It comes nearer, to … Read more


Allan D Sutherland   When a baby (or a kitten) presents the symptoms that little Wilmarys kitten did, see what the same remedy will do. Fits; flat worms; vomits everything it eats; heavy, drowsy, exhausted, especially after vomiting; loose or watery, green, faecal discharges; cries as if hurt whenever picked up. AEthusa cynapium 10M (Fincke), … Read more


  A. PULFORD, M.D.   All that we can possibly know of disease is expressed in symptoms; all that we can possibly see of it, its external manifestation or end product. Disease represents progressive death, which if not checked goes on to finality; it is the result of misdirected energy brought about by disturbing the ability … Read more


ELIZABETH WRIGHT HUBBARD, M. D.   IX. REMEDY RELATIONSHIPS. The subject of the relationship of remedies is one of the most fascinating in homoeopathy, and many aspects of it have not been developed in the literature. Long before Hahnemann, Paracelsus wrote much on the doctrine of signatures and the old herbalists determined the uses of … Read more


   C. M. BOGER, M.D. REGION AGGRAVATION.   NERVES: Cerebro Spinal Suppressions. Metastases. Axis | Anger. Emotions < Fright. Muscles ; flexor. Digestive Tract | Epigastrium Heat | Fire. < Abdomen < Weather. | |. Blood Touch. Exertion. Raising arms. AMEL. Cold drinks > cough, vomiting and chill. VIOLENT often spasmodic effects; recurring in irregular groups; … Read more


 Translated from Annaes de Medicina Homoeopathic, Vol. XXIX, March and April 1930, through the courtesy of Boericke & Tafel, Philadelphia,. JOSE EMYGDIO RODRIGUES GALHARDO, M.D.   Thesis presented to the International Homoeopathic Congress, held in the capital of Mexico from August 10 to 16, 1929, by Dr. Jose Emygdio Rodrigues Galhardo, professor of the Therapeutic … Read more