Allan D Sutherland   Gunpowder is useful in such septic conditions as furuncles, abscesses and boils, which show discoloration, extreme toxicity, an angry looking infection with a good deal of swelling and pain.- P. BROWN. I have found Gunpowder useful in suppressed eczema, especially when followed by carbuncles; and in advanced infantile eczema of long … Read more


Trans. from L’Homoeopathie Francaise, IX, 113. (AMMONIUM SULPHUROSUM). PIERRE SCHMIDT, M.D.   GENERAL ACTION NERVOUS SYSTEM { MOTOR CONSTITUTION. { Sensory PSORIC. { BLADDER SYCOTIC MUSCULAR SYSTEM { LARYNX Neuropathic. { Extremities Dyscrasic. Pre-cancerous RESPIRATORY SYSTEM RHEUMATIC Cutaneous System Gouty Side, right Uremic TEMPERAMENT: Lymphatic Hydrogenoid. (Grauvogl) TYPE: Tall, thin, dry, spare; face yellow, waxy; … Read more