Partial Provings Of Benzol, Iodine And Kali Bichromicum

Rabe R F   These provings or experiment were conducted under the direction of Dr.R.F.Rabe, secretary of the American Institute of Drug Proving, at the New York Homoeopathic Medical College and Flower Hospital, and under the immediate supervision of Dr.F.H.Hirschland, of the department of Pathology, to whom full credit is due for the results of … Read more

Actea Spicata

Boger C M   Radix Christophoriana. Natural Order Ranunculaceae. Tincture of the green root gathered before flowering, in May, or of the berries. Toxic Action: Maniacal delirium and death (Linnaeus). Intense sick feeling with cold sweat (Golden). A sort of intoxication, with great cerebral excitement, irritation of the digestive organs, vomiting and constipation (Lemercier). Blisters … Read more

Case Of Plain Doctoring Contrasted With Cures Based On Scientific Facts

Ironside A S   Several years ago I was called to see a patient suffering from violent pains over the left eye and the left side of the head. For seven weeks previous to the time I saw her she had had severe pains in that part of the head which drove her frantic, finally … Read more

National Homoeopathic Clinic Day

Upham Roy   Reports are coming in from all over the country of the plans being made by the various hospitals to celebrate this day, on which every homoeopathic hospital, barring none throughout the country, is to have a clinic. Beginning with the enthusiasm in the far West, a letter from Dr.A.K. Crawford, President of … Read more

Schematic Recapitulation

Rabe R F Benzol Synonym: Benzene C6H6. Characteristic Symptoms.   Mind: Irritable; disinclination to work; confused; tired; nervousness. Head : Frontal headache extending into root of nose, worse on motion. Headache in the evening and during the night, especially right side; aggravated to moving. Eyes : Photophobia; vision very poor, especially on right side; objects … Read more