Changing Concepts Of Health And Disease With Reference To Psychosomatic Medicine

Bomford R R   I do not think anything I shall say is new; much of it has been better said before, and some of it is very old-so old indeed that there always is a chance it may be mistaken for new. But I am encouraged to hope that, even so, it may fulfill … Read more

Editorial – Obstacles To The Spread Of Homoeopathy

Das N C   That Homoeopathy is a scientific system of treatment, philosophically sound, logically unimpeachable, pregmatically highly efficacious in curing the sick and cheap enough to suit admirably to the poor economic condition of the Indian mass has become a much-talked-of subject in the country. But why is it not spreading sufficiently and adequately … Read more

Homoeopathists And Homoeopathy

Jacob Genis   On all sides the cry is going up that Homoeopathy is going out of existence; that it is squashed by allopathic manoeuvres. So it is in many ways, and various factors could be cited as contributory causes for its decline. There has never been decadence of Homoeopathy itself, only stagnation, largely due … Read more

Remedies Indicated in Coryza

Das N C   Arsenicum where the nose is stopped up and yet running with acrid discharge causing burning pain both inside and outside the nose; insomnia without special reason; epistaxis; patient is restless (Hering). Woman of 42 complains of chronic coryza alternating with fluid discharge, burning in nose. Corroding discharge making upper lip sore, … Read more