Bose N C   APPENDICITIS Appendicitis is a sycotic disease. It is caused by deficient peristaltic movements of the intestines. Unhealthy intestine cannot evacuate faeces properly and some particles of faeces enter inside the appendix and rot there, hence the inflammation comes on. A sincere physicians duty is to find out the cause of the … Read more

Concepts Of Health And Disease With Reference To Psychosomatic Medicine

Bomford R R “Literature of “Psychosomatic Medicine”.   The literature on so-called psychosomatic medicine – I shall come back to that term later – is already considerable, and I shall not attempt to review more than a very little of it, partly because such an attempt would need to occupy at least several lectures, and … Read more

Editorial – Struggle For The Recognition Of Homoeopathy

Das N C   In April 1937, during the British regime, the wide popularity of the Homoeopathic system of treatment and the growing public demand for the state recognition of Homoeopathy induced Janab Ghiasud-din to move a resolution in the then Central Legislative Assembly to that effect, which was adopted but effect thereto had not … Read more