Valuable Hints For Homoeopaths

Das N C   Old school prophylactic medicine is fraught with so many ill- effects, together with the doubtful good seemingly resulting from its practice, that it is well for a homoeopath to know homoeopathic antidotes to the bad effects of so-called allopathic immunization against numerous acute disease to which young humanity is subjected. Also … Read more

Headache Repertory

Das N C HEADACHE REPERTORY   CAUSES Onanism: Calc; Chin; Con; Sep; Staph; Lyc; Nux-v; Ph-ac. Loss of sleep: Carb-veg; Nux v; Cocc. Night watching: Cocc; Nux-v; Puls. Spirituous liquors: Agar; Lach; Nux-v; Ran-b; Ant-c; Ars; Bell; Calc; Chin; Coff; Gels; Puls; Sele; Sil; Spig; Sulph; Zinc. Sun: Ant-c; Bell; Bry; Glon; Lach; Nat-c; Puls; … Read more


Das N C   ABIES CANADENSIS Indications (1) Craving for meat, pickles, and other coarse food. (2) Gnawing, hungry, faint feeling at the epigastrium. (3) Tendency to eat far beyond capacity for digestion. (4) Pain in right shoulder blade, constipation, burning in rectum; distention of stomach and abdomen, rumbling in bowels, dryness of mouth. (5) … Read more