Pelvic Inflammation

Nanda Gopal Bose PELVIC INFLAMMATION   Most of the ladies are suffering from uterine haemorrhage due to Metritis, endometritis or some other inflammatory diseases of the uterus. Curetting is often done by the Allopaths to cure this disease. But that is absolute failure in 75 percent cases. Several post-curetting cases came to me for treatment … Read more


Das N C   SILICEA Type: Lobar Pneumonia: neglected Pleurisy; chronic neglected Pneumonia. Stage: Third stage. Suppurative stage. Location: Both lungs. Causes: Stone-cutters; when the weather changes. From getting feet wet. Worm troubles; uncovering head. Imperfect assimilation; suppressed foot sweat. Exposing head or back to any slight draft of air. Bad effects of vaccination. Expectoration: … Read more

Taking The Temperature

Zeal R O   When a comparison is made of modern Chemical, physiological and industrial methods with those commonly practised only about a hundred years ago, it is quickly realised that without the expansion thermometers very little progress could have been made, temperature measurement and control having not only become essential features in practically every … Read more

Editorial – Mental Health

Das N C MENTAL HEALTH   In recent years there has been a considerable deterioration in the mental health of our people. Mental imbalance and insanity, partial or complete, present a difficult problem to our health organisations. It is well known to every careful observer that cases of insanity are steadily increasing in our country. … Read more

Hahnemanns Contribution To Medical Science

Rastogi R S English Version of the Speech delivered on Hahnemanns Birthday at a Public Meeting on 10-4-53, held in the Town Hall under his Presidentship.   One hundred and ninety eight years ago, this memorable day of April 10 heralded the birth of that great apostle of rational healing. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany … Read more

Headache Repertory

Das N C   AGGRAVATION Closing eyes: All-c; Chin; Sil; Ther Company or crowd, while in: Mag-c; Plat; Plumbum; Staph. Coughing on: Bell; Bry; Lac-d; Nat-m; Phos; Psor; Squil; Sulph; Sep; Spig. Darkness: Carb-v; Sil. Descending: Bell; Rhus-t. Eating, before: Nux-v; Sil. Eating, during: Cocc; Graph; Ph-ac. Eating, after: Alum; Nat-c; Nat-m; Nux-v; Puls; Sulph; … Read more