Editorial – Homoeopathic Injections And Patients

Das N C HOMOEOPATHIC INJECTIONS AND PATENTS.   It is to be regretted that some Homoeopaths have commenced to use Homoeo injections and Homoeo patent medicines. In Homoeopathic Philosophy and in Homoeopathic literature we do not find any mention of Homoeo patents or of Homoeo injections. Homoeopathic medicines are to be prescribed on the strength … Read more

Essential Symptoms – 2

Das N C ESSENTIAL SYMPTOMS   ALLIUM CEPA. 1. Coryza, nasal discharge acrid, eye secretion bland, worse in warm room and better in open air, worse in damp cold weather; excoriation of nose and upper lip; increased secretion of urine; thirst; heat; rumbling in abdomen. 2. Cough when inhaling cold air. Bad effects from wet … Read more

Headache Repertory

Das N C AMELIORATION.   Mental exertion: Ars, Cal-s, Ign, Nat-m, Psor. Motion: Agar, Ars, Caps, Iris, Lyc, Nux-m, Puls, Rhod, Rhus-t, Valer. Violent motion: Sep. Moving head: Agar, Chin. Pressure: Am-c, Bell, Bry, Calc, Chin, Coloc, Ferr, Glon, Kali- bi, Lac-d, Lach, Lyc, Mag-m, Mag-p, Nat-m, Nux-v, Puls, Stann. Cold hand: Calc. Hard pressure: … Read more


Das N C   Type: Lobar Pneumonia. Broncho Pneumonia. Pneumo-typhus. Bronchitis. Pleurisy (Rheumatic). Stage: Second stage. Location: Right side generally. Left side of chest. Causes: Suppressed catarrh. Cold air. Dry weather. Drunkards. Piles. After intoxication. Cold water. Wine. Clear fine weather. Dry cold air. Debauchees. Expectoration: Bloody expectoration. Blood dark. Sour taste of expectoration. Expectoration … Read more