Wonders Of Homoeopathy

Das N C WONDERS OF HOMOEOPATHY   Gunshot wound with perforation, Remedies used: Calc sulph., Syphilinum. Narendranath Bar of village Manirampore, H.B. Chord, received the injury and was kept in the Howrah Hospital for 11 months for treatment. This long course of treatment in the Hospital entirely failed to give him any relief. At the … Read more

Headache Repertory

Das N C   SENSATIONS Enlarged: Agar, Arg-n, Arn, Bell, Bov, Glon, Nux-v, Nux-m, Ran- b, Gels, Hyper, Lac-d, Lach, Mang, Nat-m, Plat, Sill, Spig, Apis, Ars, Cact, Cimic, Dull, Nat-c. Smaller feels: Aco, Coff, Grat, Pic. Ac, Glon. Skull-cap, sensation: Carb-v, Cycl, Graph, Apis, Arg-n, Ip, Lyss, Lit-t, Pyrog, Sulph, Zinc, Calc-s. Coldness, Chilliness: … Read more


Das N C   CANTHARIS Type: Pleuro-pneumonia, pleurisy; inflammations of lungs, gangrenous type. Stages: Third stage (Pleurisy as soon as effusion has taken place). Location: Both sides; Right side. Expectoration: Bloody; acrid; blood; rusty sputum; frothy saliva streaked with blood; black blood, bright red blood; dark blood; pale blood; difficult, frothy; mucous; sweet tough; viscid; … Read more