Indigestion – 14

Prabir Kumar   ┬áMAGNESIA MUR. Tongue feels burnt and scalded. Burning on the tongue. Rhagades on the tongue with violent burning pains. White-coated tongue. Great dryness in the mouth. Gathering of water in the mouth before and during its dryness. Hot air comes from the mouth. Salty taste and collection of salty saliva. Taste bitter, … Read more


Das N C PNEUMONIA   RHUS TOX. Accompaniments: Mild temperament. Mild delirium. Mental and physical restlessness. Constantly tosses about bed. Constant desire to move. Marked debility. (may lie perfectly quiet for this debility). Indifferent to everything. Hallucinations. Fear of being poisoned; refuses to take medicine or food or drink. Stupor, answers slowly in a petulant … Read more