B. K. GOSWAMI.   As a principle the practitioner of homoeopathy has to collect all the symptoms of the patient before he prescribers medicine. To obtain these symptoms he has to examine the patient thoroughly and carefully, to give a patient hearing to the narration of the case, to trace out the anamnesis, to take … Read more


K. A. MCLAREN, M. B.   The proving of the acid phosphate of strychnine, quoted by J.H. Clarke, M.D. in his Dictionary of Materia Medica, produced a sense of constriction in the throat and violent headache over the eyes after eating. The choking sensations were a constant feature in provings and poisonings. He quotes a … Read more


CULLED BY FRED B. MORGAN, M.D. Clinton, Iowa.   Arsenicum album: It is adapted to a condition of profound prostration, rapid exhaustion, or even collapse. Paralysis, especially in lower extremities. Hysterically paralysis. Spinal paralysis from myelitis. General dropsy, with a weak heart. Dropsy from kidney disease. General anaemia. Pyemia with oedema, erysipelas, gangrenous ulcers, and … Read more


Das N C   CANNABIS INDICA. Pain at mid-day forces her to cry. Headache accompanied by flatulence continuing until he can pass flatulence up or down. Throbbing of occiput. Migraine. CANNABIS SATIVA. Type: Nervous. Location: Forehead. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex. Brain. Character of pain: Boring, digging, bursting, cutting, drawing, opening-shutting, pressing, stitching, … Read more


BY PRABIR KUMAR. LYCOPODIUM.   Causes: Bread. Chocolate. Coffee. Beer. Cold drinks. Poisoned mussels. Farinaceous food. Flatulent food. Milk. Pastry. Salt. Spirits. Vegetables. Onions. Cabbage. Beans. Gastric juice scanty. Dietetic indiscretion. Type: Acid. Atonic. Flatulent. Acute. Chronic. Catarrhal. Desires: Alcoholic drinks. Cold drinks. Cold food. Oysters. Sweets. Warm drinks. Warm food. Aversions: Bread. Brown bread. … Read more