BY PRABIR KUMAR. CARB VEG.   Causes: Acid things. Loss of animal fluids. Butter. Coffee, emotions, anger, chagrin. Spoiled fish. Meat. Poisoned mussels. Fat food. Flatulent food. Milk. Overloading stomach. Pastry. Pork. Salt. Spirits; watching. Abuse of mercury; too high living. Drinking wine. Hurried eating. Eating when very tired. Abuse of alcohol. Debauching. Ices. “Decayed … Read more

Polychrest & Less Used Remedies

[ Read before Bureau of Clinical Medicine, I.H.A., June 22, 1949.]. POLYCHREST VERSUS LESS FREQUENTLY USED REMEDY ADDITIONAL SYMPTOMS OF LATRODECTUS MACTANS EDWARD C. WHITMONT, M.D. H. R. January, 1950.   As a rule, a case defies our efforts to find the curative remedy, not because there is no remedy which would cover its symptom … Read more


BY C. V. S. COREA, M.D., D.SC., PH.D. (CEYLON). Health Through Hom. April, 1950.   In an Editorial which appeared in the May, 1949, issue of “Health Through Homoeopathy” it is stated that the Homoeopathic Medical Schools will still further widen the breach between the two schools of thought, whereas our aims should be to … Read more


CULLED BY FRED B. MORGAN, M.D. Clinton, Iowa. Journal of the American Institute of Homoeopathy, January, 1950.   Arsenicum iodatum. “Threatening pyemia; blood poisoning, with debilitating sweats. Enlarged scrofulous glands. Eruptions and ulcerations in syphilitic patients. Enlarged mesenteric glands, with diarrhoea and cholera infantum. “Scrofulous ophthalmia and tendency to ulcerations of lower lid. Parenchymatous keratitis. … Read more


(Read by title, Bureau of Pediatrics, I.H.A., June 24, 1949.] CHARLES C. BOERICKE, M.D. H.R. 1950.   The homoeopathic physician knows that the disease lies beyond the external manifestation, that the micro-organism of any disease is simply a physical expression of a subversive force in which the life force in its predisposed weakness has allowed … Read more


Das N C CHAMOMILLA.   Type: Nervous Rheumatic. Catarrhal. Hysterical. Periodical. Location: Brain. Forehead. Occiput. One side of head. Right side of head. Left side of head. Temples. Vertex. Character of pain: Boring, digging, bursting, crushing, drawing, dull, pressing asunder, shooting, sore, bruised, stitching, tearing. Aggravation: Morning; morning in bed; morning on waking; noon; evening; … Read more