[ Read before Bureau of Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, I.H.A., 24, 1949]. H.A. NEISWANDER, M.D. H.R. April, 1950.   Perpetuation of the human race is only through pregnancy. From the beginning there has been distress, discomfort and pain, and the annoying symptoms of the child-bearing woman. The story of Creation in Biblical history tells us … Read more


Das N C   Homoeopathy requires the wholehearted support of the Homoeopathic chemists or it can not exist. Faithful physicians and honest chemists with their endeavours can save Homoeopathy from its impending ruin. The chemists are not eager to perform their duty of saving Homoeopathy. On the other hand they are making the Homoeopathic profession … Read more


BY KESHAB CH. MUKHERJEE.   Homoeopathy is the system or a method of curing diseases by small quantities of those drugs which excite symptoms in a healthy individual similar to those of the disease. We call a disease as a dynamic influence of some morbific agency inimical to life and when disease permeates the material … Read more


Das N C CINNABARIS.   Location: Forehead. Right side of forehead. Over eyes. Over right eye. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex. Pain: Cutting. Darting. Stabbing. Pressing. Sore bruised. Stunning. Stupefying. Tearing. Beating. Throbbing. Pulsating. Aggravation: Forenoon. night on waking. Hot applications. Lying on back. Before menses. Mental exertion Motion. External pressure. Raising head, … Read more


BY PRABIR KUMAR.   CHINA. Causes: Loss of animal fluids. Bread, Butter. Coffee. Emotions, anger, chagrin. Spoiled fish. Flatulent food. Milk. Pepper. Tea. water, fruit. Milk. Farinaceous food. Noxious miasmata. Type: Flatulent. Acid Acute. Chronic. Digestive tract. Desires: Pungent, spiced, sour, refreshing things, for coffee- beans and for stimulants, for various things without knowing which; … Read more