Das N C ACONITE.   Type. Catarrhal. Nervous. Neuralgic. Rheumatic. Congestive. Gastric. Uterine. Location: Forehead. Right side of forehead. Left side of forehead. Over eyes. Over right eye. Over left eye. Occiput. One side of head. Temples. Vertex. Brain. Root of nose. Character of pain. Shooting, beating, drawing, stunning, stupefying, pressive, aching, dull, boring, burning, … Read more


Das N C   In the last September issue I mentioned about the influence of seasons on diseases and I remarked the seasons not only produce acute ailments characteristically their own but they are often found to produce a train of common symptoms in patient suffering from diseases of varied nature, even the chronic ones. … Read more


By DR. LEON RENARD (Translated by M.M.S. Beesoon for Home and Homoeopathy, October, 1935) (From L Homoeopathic Moderne) Heal Thyself, April, 1936.   Syphilinum is prepared from the scraping of a syphilitic chancre. Skinner and Swann, two American homoeopaths, did the first experimentations. Its pathogenesis is to be found in Allens Materia Medica of the … Read more


By I.C. GOBAR, M.D., San Francisco (From Pacific Coast Journal of Homoeopathy, July 1936).   Adonis vernalis is a remedy to be thought of where the muscles of the heart are in a stage of degeneration following rheumatism influence or other inflammatory disease. It regulates the pulse and increases the power of the contractions of … Read more