Das N C BELLADONNA.   Type: Nervous. Neuralgic. Congestive. Catarrhal. Uterine. Gastric. Rheumatic. Arthritic. Hysterical. Migraine. Location: Forehead. Occiput. Vertex. Brain. RIGHT SIDE. Left side. Sides of head. Temples. Right temple. Above eyes. Above right eye. Character of pain: Boring, digging, burning, bursting, crushing, cutting, drawing, jerking, lancinating, pressing, shooting, sore, bruised, stitching, stunning, tearing, … Read more


[ Read before I.H.A., Bureau of Materia Medica, June 1946]. R.S. FARIS, M.D. Homoeopathic Recorder, March 1947.   The name Lycopodium comes from the Greek words lykos, meaning wolf, and podos, meaning foot, so it is sometimes called Wolfs foot or more commonly club moss. The moss grows in all parts of the world, especially … Read more


by W. KARO, M.O. (Germany). Health Through Homoeopathy July-Aug. 1947.   Rheumatic disease are the most common and crippling ailments of our time. They constitute a serious economic and social problem. A few figures may illustrate this statement. An American statistic covering the years 1935-1936 discloses the fact the 5 percent of the population suffer … Read more