My Experiences With Homoeo Medicines

Bose N C   The words of Mr. Ghose were incredible when he related to me a case of Latent Cancer of Liver which was developed from Peaceful Death constant mis-use of sulphur 1000 for aphrodisiac actions; dying a peaceful death under Homoeo treatment. His views were confirmed, later on, in my studies and personal … Read more

The Use Of The Repertory

Maurice Worcester   No one thing in the method, practice and armamentarium of the strict homoeopathic physician has been more misunderstood than the repertory. The repertory of the materia medica is peculiar to Homoeopathy; its employment, save in the crudest index form in any other school of medicine is impossible; the use of remedies in … Read more

Editorial – The General Council And State Faculty

Bose N C   Time is over due when the West Bengal Cabinet should have asked the constituency to elect new members according to the statue. It is not difficult to realise that the partition of the Province has stood in the way and delayed the framing of the new constitution. There is no reasonable … Read more