Editorial Belated Better Than Repudiated

Bose N C   A deputation consisting of Drs. Charu Chandra Sanyal, Phani Bhushan Guha Neogy and Jogesh Chandra Datta, on behalf of Jalpaiguri Doors Tea Garden Indian Employees Association met the West Bengal Premier Dr. B.C. Roy and made a strong case for the immediate registration of the practising doctors who possessed diplomas of … Read more

A Study Of Ignatia

Amalendu   “Ignatia Amara”, “St. Ignatias been”, more popularly known as “Strychnos Ignatia”, is a large climbing shrub, growing in Philippine Islands, and Cochin China. It contains Strychnine, as well as a large proportion of Bruime, making the ultimate picture of its effect differ vastly from those of its congener “Nux Vomica”- Though chemically and … Read more

Paralysis – 2

Das N C   TYPE; Rheumatic. Hemiplegia. Post-diphtheritic. Infantile. Chronic. LOCATION: Upper lids. Muscles of eyeball. External recti. Optic nerve. Face. Right side of face. One side of face. Throat. Bladder. Larynx. Limbs. Right side. Left side. Upper limbs. Right upper limbs. Shoulder. Forearm. Hand. Fingers. Flexor muscles. Single parts. Tongue. Causes: PARTURITION TYPHOID: Apoplexy. … Read more

Relata Refero – 2

Bose N C RELATA REFERO.   The All-Bengal Medical Students Association, in a letter to the Registrar of the Calcutta University regarding the Syndicates setting up of a committee to enquire and report on teaching in medical colleges and holding of medical examinations, urges that, for full realisation of the aims and objects of the … Read more

The Use Of Repertory

Maurice Worcester   As one case has been studied, with the aid of Boenninghausens Therapeutic Pocket Book, it will not be time wasted to examine the repertory itself for a few minutes. Boenninghausen introduced it about 1830, it then included one hundred and twenty-five remedies; in the new American edition by Dr. Timothy Field Allen, … Read more