Read before the monthly clinical meeting of the Homoeopathic Post-Graduate Association, Bombay, on 25th August, 1941. Dr. K. N. Vaidya, M.D., (Bom.), Bombay.   The subject of my todays paper is essential hypertension were thought to be secondary to nephritis or arteriosclerosis. It was only when the sphygmomanometer was brought into clinical use that the … Read more


Read before I.H.A., Bureau of Surgery, June 18, 1941. THOMAS K. MOORE, M.D.   The usual treatment of septic conditions is quite energetic. A trip to a well equipped hospital, classification of the infecting organism; intravenous medication or transfusion, local treatment, surgery. For some time now sulfanilamide and more lately one of its near relatives. … Read more


By DR. DOROTHY SHEPHERD.   Diphtherinum is a nosode or disease product, modified and prepared according to the homoeopathic rules of preparing remedies as laid down by Hahnemann. The membrane from a diphtheria case is diluted and mixed with sugar of milk, and triturated carefully up to the medium and highest potencies. The lower potencies … Read more