Bunting H M   H. M. Bunting, M.D. Given a condition of acute coryza, with sneezing, lachrymation, itching, smarting, soreness and pressure of eyeballs, dryness of nostrils with stoppage, especially of left, and a scanty thin acrid discharge, with hot, dry feeling in the pharynx, hacking cough, and rawness in the throat with desire to … Read more

Systemic Motor & Sensory Training in Mental Diseases

Farrington E A   As physicians, in the broadest sense of the term, we are concerned not only with the alleviation of pain and the cure of disease, but also with the upbuilding of health and the improvement of bodily efficiency. To obtain satisfactory results in this work it is necessary to begin with the … Read more


Bose N C Pages from the Manual of Materia Medica, edited by Dr. N. C. Bose. Copyright to Messrs M. Bhattacharyya & Co., 84, Clive Street Calcutta.   (N. O.–Lycopodiaceae). Common name. Club moss. Habitat. Nearly all northern countries. Triturations (as directed in the Pharmacopoeias) are made of the pollen of Lycopodium clavatum, then dilutions. … Read more