Homoeopathic Education

Bose N C Paper Presented by Dr. Pierre Schmidt, of Geneva, Switzerland, Before the International Hahnemannian Association, New York, June 28, 1925.   “In a matter that means the saving of life, failure to learn is a crime.”–Hahnemann. In the eyes of the general public homoeopathy has no great significance, and the role of the … Read more


Das Gupta   The knowledge regarding snakes and the effects produced by their venoms date back to the remotest past. The symptoms produced by snake venom and the different remedies applied to relieve its effects have formed the subject of study by the ancient peoples. Folk tales about the peculiar symptoms produced by snake venom … Read more


Arthur Fernandes   Mr. President and Friends, I have chosen as the subject of my remarks this afternoon, the typing and ranking of symptoms in the selection of a homoeopathic remedy. The necessity of typing and ranking is to economise labour without compromise of results. A homoeopathic symptom composed of its three elements of location, … Read more

Editorial- Practice of Homoeopathy

Bose N C Editorial PRACTICE OF HOMOEOPATHY.   The great exponent of Homoeopathic Philosophy, Dr. Stuart Close, M. D., made the following observation in course of his famous address delivered before the Boston District Medical Society, on the 24th of September, 1925. His remarks hold good today in regard to the practice of homoeopathy in … Read more