Pulford A & Pulford T   We all meet cases in which data are meager and cases where two remedies may run almost parallel, making discrimination very difficult. In bedfast cases, at times it is almost impossible to discriminate between Bryonia and Rhus and in some chronic cases, between Phos. and Puls. A tubercular case … Read more


Julia M Green   With Kali Carbonicum as the Remedy for Investigation. Many students of materia medica begin with the chemical formula of the drug under consideration, giving its relationships in the drug world and sketching the pathological states likely to need such a medicine. For instance: Hughes says of Kali Carb. in his pharmacodynamics: … Read more


John Hutchinson   Complaint is repeatedly made that homoeopathy does not progress at a pace that keeps time with dominant practice. The latter is, of course, materialistic in every sense of the word, treating the human patient, as it does forcefully, as a mechanism only, the workings of which are studied, hypothetically in detail, but … Read more