Homoeopathy and Pregnancy

Read at the monthly Clinical Meeting of the Homoeopathic Post- Graduate Association, Bombay, on 29th March 1940. Dr. J.N. Karande, M.D. (Bom.).   In the practice of obstetrics the medical man is called upon to shoulder the responsibility of the pregnant woman during pregnancy, during labour and after labour. In addition he has to look … Read more

Consumption and its real cause

S.Pattak, M.D. (U.S.A.).   III. In my previous articles I tried to elucidate the theory of DR. R.R. GREGG on the etiology of Consumption promulgated some 50 years ago. My long experience extending over 25 years in treatment of Tuberculosis has led me to believe in that theory which is quite in consonance with the … Read more

A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy

ELIZABETH WRIGHT, M.D. VII.   PRESCRIBING : POTENCY SELECTION. After thoroughly digesting the first six lectures of this brief course and doing wide collateral reading and studying one should be able to select the most similar remedy. The most similar remedy, however, does not become the simillimum until the potency is adjusted to the plane … Read more


D.C. Das Gupta, M.B. (Cal. Univ.).   Hardly is there any condition which upsets the parents of a child more than the convulsions of infants. The suddenness of its appearance, the clonic-tonic movements, the struggle, the fear of immediate death all contribute to their loss of mental equilibrium and utter helplessness. No less is the … Read more

Some Infection Remedies

ROBERT L. EMERY, M.D.   So MUCH has been written of late concerning the curative beliefs of sulfanilamide, sulfapyridine, etc., as a “cure-all” in different infections, that it might be well for us to review a few of our many remedies for infection. There is no doubt that sulfanilamide and its derivatives have a very … Read more