H. S. Ghose   THE PERSONNEL. If at any time the State Medical Faculty of Homoeopathy materialise, the first concern of the Homoeopathic medical practitioners will be the relative Medical Council and its personnel. There is positive indication of dissatisfaction amongst the enormous multitude of practising homoeopathists in the province of Bengal overt the composition … Read more

Therapeutic Is A Hindrance

Sachi Mohan Chowdhuri   Treatment Of Sick depends on the characteristic symptoms of individuality, not on the name of the disease. But the therapeutics are written according to diseases and their remedies. In my small practice of eight years I have cured many cases with remedies not mentioned in the Therapeutic Books. But the symptoms … Read more


(N. M. Jaisoorya, M.D. Hyderabad, Deccan).   These cases were all treated in hospital allopathically over long periods, without success. They were referred to me to try out my “crazy system” (Homoeopathy) on them. Here there are only we two allopaths who openly advocate Homoeopathy, and half a dozen allopaths who secretly tinker with tissue … Read more

A brief study course in Homoeopathy

ELIZABETH WRIGHT M. D. I.   THE MEANING OF HOMOEOPATHY. What is homoeopathy ? The orderly mind has a notion one should begin with definition, and resorts first to various dictionaries. In this instance the result is unsatisfactory as the definitions are, for the most part, partial and even the positive statements often inaccurate, as … Read more