[Read at the monthly Clinical Meeting of the Homoeopathic Post- Graduate Association, Bombay, on 29th January 1940.]. (R. P. Patwardhan, M. B. B. S.).   Pulsatilla is one of the polychrest remedies in homoeopathy and acts mostly on the blood vessels, mucous and synovial membranes and organs. Puls., Ignatia and Sepia form a trio in … Read more


SCHOOL CHILDRENS NUTRITION AND. MEDICAL PROVISION.   The parlous problem of school-going childrens nutrition has hitherto flouted all efforts of the experts in this country in finding a solution. Suggestions are being often proffered by lay and medical authorities and subjected to academic discussion, without achieving any tangible result yet. Lt. Col. A.C. Chatterji, I. … Read more