EXTREMELY DEPLORABLE CONDITION OF HOMOEOPATHY IN INDIA. [Biswanath Mukerjee, L.M.S., M.L.A. (U.P.,]   Will it please your Excellency. The present condition of homoeopathy in this country deserves Your Excellencys best and most serious attention. Homoeopathy is now undoubtedly a recognised system of medical treatment all over the civilised world. The Republican Governments of the United … Read more

Treatment of Hydrocele in Infants by Homoeopathy

[ Paper read before the Homoeopathic Post Graduate Association Gadag]. (Venkatrao R. Huilgol, M.B., B.S. Gadag)   Gentlemen, You all know that my experience is very meagre to speak on Homoeopathy and much less on the treatment of some definite disease by Homoeopathy. Still I made myself bold enough to speak before you in spite … Read more


MAURICE WORCESTER TURNER, M.D.,   In November, 1910, I received the following letter, which is self-explanatory: “DEAR DOCTOR: Read these symptoms and see what remedy had better be given at present. “A young woman of 23 years, Weight 140, and plump. She has had a haemorrhage, and is a case of incipient tuberculosis, with, of … Read more


Read before the Colorado Homoeopathic Medical Society September 23, 1938. Clinton Enos, M.D.   Under this name it is proposed to give the homoeopathic treatment of those patients who have spasmodic attacks of chest pains, usually of short duration, and are rarely seen in the attack. However, this does not hinder one from prescribing for … Read more


S. Pattak M.D. (U.S.A.)   II. In my previous article I have discussed that the primary cause of Consumption is a “loss of albumen from the blood and a consequent disproportion into which such loss must necessarily throw all the other constituents of the blood,” and the terrible bacillus is nothing but “a softening or … Read more

A Brief Study Course of Homoeopathy

ELIZABETH WRIGHT, M.D.   II THE EPITOME OF HOMOEOPATHIC PHILOSOPHY. Homoeopathic philosophy may be divided into three sections, the theoretical dealing with how and why remedies act, which is so abstruse that it can best be dealt with by the more advance student; the didactic, meaning the rules and tenets; and the practical, which comprises … Read more


ECZEMA on genitals: Arg.nit., Ars., Calad., Croton tig., Graph., Hep., Lyc., Nat.mur., Petr.,Rhus tox., Sep., Sulph., Thuj. ECZEMA RUBRUM; small blisters in the axillae suddenly, and emit a discharge which colours the linen a greenish yellow: Nux jug. ECZEMA, bleeds easily and is covered with thick crusts, with fetid secretion beneath: Lyc. ECZEMA, yellow … Read more