Wonders Of Homoeopathy

Das N C WONDERS OF HOMOEOPATHY   Gunshot wound with perforation, Remedies used: Calc sulph., Syphilinum. Narendranath Bar of village Manirampore, H.B. Chord, received the injury and was kept in the Howrah Hospital for 11 months for treatment. This long course of treatment in the Hospital entirely failed to give him any relief. At the … Read more

Editorial – Wonders Of Homoeopathy

Das N C WONDERS OF HOMOEOPATHY   CASE 1. (1) Boy of 3, when angry loses consciousness with coldness of extremities, upturned eyes, blue discolouration of lips and face; sense of suffocation; sweat on forehead. (2) Sweat on head during sleep wetting the pillow, child sickly and anaemic. (3) Very irritable mood. Very obstinate. Throws … Read more


BY DR. SUKUMAR BOSE.   (1) Kamala Sarker 21. Unmarried, formerly healthy, now much thinner with dark rings around eyes. Dysmenorrhoea, much pain from lower abdomen extending to the right lungs, heart palpitation, becomes unconscious with pain, treated by Allopaths with Aletris Cordial, Hormotone Tab etc. but to no effect. Treated by Kabiraj with the … Read more


Das N C Conjunctivitis.   Mrs. – asked me to prescribe for the following symptoms. (1) Redness of eyes. (2) Constant and profuse lachrymation. (c) Agglutination of eyelids, esp. in the morning. (4) Headache. (5) Constipation, obstinate, hard stool. The trouble continued for six weeks under allopathic and Homoeopathic treatment. Loss of eyesight was feared. … Read more