R.S. RASTOGI, B.A., M.D.H.   To pay homage to the memories of great scientists, philosophers, heroes and martyrs is not vain idolatry. They are great towers of light and power capable of inspiring their followers, lending an added zeal, succour and support to the tired and worn-out spirits of those desirous of pushing on towards … Read more

Editorial – Medical Conference And Homoeopathy

Das N C MEDICAL CONFERENCE AND HOMOEOPATHY.   The chief aim of a Medical Conference is to find out means and ways of improving the Health Services of the country. In the conference eminent and experienced physicians and surgeons meet and discuss the problems of efficient medical aid which can be brought within the easy … Read more

Hahnemanns Contribution To Medical Science

Rastogi R S English Version of the Speech delivered on Hahnemanns Birthday at a Public Meeting on 10-4-53, held in the Town Hall under his Presidentship.   One hundred and ninety eight years ago, this memorable day of April 10 heralded the birth of that great apostle of rational healing. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany … Read more

Science Vs Medical Science

Royal Hayes   For many years we have seen though not always read entirely a dozen or so medical journals per month not counting the waste basket editions of the ever-faithful pharmaceutical houses and we hardly ever remember having read anything about the general influence of modern science on popular medical thought and art. Popular … Read more

Editorial – Medical And Scientific Publications

Bose N C   The Honble Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerji, Industries and Supply Minister, presented on April 6, 1948 to the Dominion Parliament the resolution on the Govt. of Indias Industrial policy. The Govt. of India proposed to set up a National Planning Commission to formulate programmes of development and to secure their execution. According … Read more