Food & Diet in Health & Disease from Homoeopathic Standpoint

Das N C   Life has been described as “essentially a form of the one Cosmic Energy, a dynamic movement or current of it positive or negative, a constant act or play of the force which builds up forms, energies them by a continued stream of stimulation and maintains them by an unceasing process of … Read more

Concepts Of Health And Disease With Reference To Psychosomatic Medicine

Bomford R R “Literature of “Psychosomatic Medicine”.   The literature on so-called psychosomatic medicine – I shall come back to that term later – is already considerable, and I shall not attempt to review more than a very little of it, partly because such an attempt would need to occupy at least several lectures, and … Read more

Changing Concepts Of Health And Disease With Reference To Psychosomatic Medicine

Bomford R R   I do not think anything I shall say is new; much of it has been better said before, and some of it is very old-so old indeed that there always is a chance it may be mistaken for new. But I am encouraged to hope that, even so, it may fulfill … Read more

Editorial – Mental Health

Das N C MENTAL HEALTH   In recent years there has been a considerable deterioration in the mental health of our people. Mental imbalance and insanity, partial or complete, present a difficult problem to our health organisations. It is well known to every careful observer that cases of insanity are steadily increasing in our country. … Read more

Indian Diets And Their Effects On Health

Patwardhan V N Director, Nutrition Research Laboratories, Indian Council of Medical Research, Coonoor, S. India.   Tropical dietaries in general have been found to be nutritionally poor and those in India are no exception. Professor de Castro, in his newly published book, Geography of Hunger, states that the principal reason for this is that the … Read more

Editorial – Negligence Of Laws Of Health As A Source Of Disease

Das N C   Common, uncommon, minor or major maladies often follow negligence of laws of health and ignorance of personal hygiene. Exposure to heat or cold, to cold damp breeze, drenching in rain, wearing of wet clothes or shoes, taking bath or swimming when body is over-heated, sitting on cold stone or sleeping on … Read more


Read by Title, Bureau of Pediatrics, I.H.A., July 4, 1950. EUGENE UNDERHILL, JR., M.D.   A new epoch in a child’s life opens with the first day at school. An adjustment must be made, physiologically and emotionally, to a new set of circumstances. Flexibility is expected of the young, although some constitutions and temperaments adjust … Read more


[ Read before Bureau of Pediatrics, I.H.A., June 25, 1947]. MARION BELLE ROOD, M.D.   CASE I. B.H. was seven June 23, 1946. He had mumps, a light case, early in December, 1946, but has failed to gain since. He is underweight, with scrophulous glands, extremely fair skin, pupils widely dilated, but sleepy and tired … Read more