Read before the Bureau of Materia Medica, I.H.A., July 22, 1954. WILLIAM A. WEAVER, JR., M.D. Of the some seventy odd remedies listed in several repertories that are beneficial in treating Diabetes, Syzigium jambolanum seems to be one of the more frequently indicated ones. If the provings are checked, the searcher finds a nearly perfect … Read more


[ Read before the Bureau of Clinical Medicine, I.H.A., June 27, 1952.]. F.K. BELLOKOSSY, M.D.   Case histories found in our publications, together with my own experiences, have convinced me that no remedy deserves a thorough clinical study more than Natrum mur. In fact, even our best provings need supplementing by clinical observations, as it … Read more

My Experiences With Homoeo Medicines

Bose N C   The words of Mr. Ghose were incredible when he related to me a case of Latent Cancer of Liver which was developed from Peaceful Death constant mis-use of sulphur 1000 for aphrodisiac actions; dying a peaceful death under Homoeo treatment. His views were confirmed, later on, in my studies and personal … Read more

Excerpts from Clinical Experiences

Rueckert NASAL POLYPI Calcarea carbonica   1. For five years a man had suffered from this disease which closed both nostrils; the growths had been removed surgically often, but always returned. Frequent sneezing with copious mucous discharge; nose completely obstructed, making breathing very difficult. Calcarea carbonica 30C. cured completely in ten days, and there was … Read more


BY. DR. W. KARO.   (Extract from a lecture delivered at the Bonnington Hotel, London, W.C.I. before a Students Class of the British Homoeopathic League). Nosodes are potentized disease products, obtained from patients. Hahnemann was the first to prove the three miasms: Medorrhinum, Psorinum and Syphilinum. Burnett introduced Bacillinum or Tuberculinum long before Robert Koch … Read more


Rueckerts Theodore Johann Rueckert was a prominent Homoeopathic physician in Herrnhut, Germany. He died in 1885 in his 85th year. We quote from Bradfords “The Pioneers of Homoeopathy” published by Boericke & Tafel: “With him passes away the last of the direct students of Hahnemann and the oldest of all Homoeopathic physicians. By his participation … Read more

Clinical Experiences that deepen my faith in Homoeopathy

[ Paper read at the monthly clinical meeting of the Homoeopathic Post-Graduate Association, Bombay, on the the 30th October. 1939]. [B G. Marathe. M.B., B.S. Late Lt. I.M.S., P.G. (E.M.H.)].   Mr. President and friends,. I am aware, all of you were very likely surprised to read the title of todays paper, and you must … Read more


BY DR. P H. JANSON. (From the Pacific Coast Journal of Homoeopathy.).   IN the last decades of the last century articles under this caption appeared in the Allgemeine Homoeopathische Zeitung. in which a number of remedies were demonstrated in their action (especially as to modalities) in cases from medical practice. This rubric was then … Read more


Read before the Bureau 9of clinical Medicine at the Ninety- fourth Annual Convention of the A.I.H., at Philadelphia, Pa., June 1-16, 1938. BY F. ADELE SCHWARTZ, M.D. (From the Pacific Coast Journal of Homoeopathy).   Kali mur. is one of the tissue remedies. It occurs in nature in mineral carnallite. This salt, according to Schussler, … Read more