Read before The Bureau of Clinical Medicine, I.H.A. June 30, 1953. A.H.GRIMMER, M.D.   The things we learn from a review of clinical cases are valuable, not only in confirming the law of cure, but in developing and extending the philosophy of Homoeopathy. In that way prescribes grow in knowledge and efficiency in the administration … Read more

Clinical Proving Of Sanicula

Banerjee N   Season – June to August, September and October. Aggravation:- In a closed room, in cold damp weather, at the change of season, after eating, after stool, by taking the hands behind the back or by raising arms, from sudden noise (palpitation) and from bathing. Amelioration:- In open air and from monthly flow. … Read more

Clinical Uses Of Calcarea Hypophosphorosa

Das N C   “Torpid and extensive abscesses on the lower limbs with profuse suppuration.” Psoas abscesses, with great debility and anaemia; coldness of extremities. Bone diseases with caries and purulent discharges. Several abscesses in and around knee-joint. Ulceration of tibia. COUGH. Hacking cough (with soreness and tenderness of chest) after exhausting diseases of any … Read more


R.S.RASTOGI,B.A., M.D.H.   Dr.R., aged about 43 years’,a diabetic since 1938,called me for consultation on the 22nd of September,1951. During the also few2 years he had been using Homoeopathic remedies off and on whenever need arouse,and had been passing.1.25 % to 2% sugar in the urine without much the dietetic restriction and usually kept quite … Read more


[ Read before the Bureau of Clinical Medicine, I.H.A., June 27, 1952.]. F.K. BELLOKOSSY, M.D.   Case histories found in our publications, together with my own experiences, have convinced me that no remedy deserves a thorough clinical study more than Natrum mur. In fact, even our best provings need supplementing by clinical observations, as it … Read more