Read before The Bureau of Clinical Medicine, I.H.A. June 30, 1953. A.H.GRIMMER, M.D.   The things we learn from a review of clinical cases are valuable, not only in confirming the law of cure, but in developing and extending the philosophy of Homoeopathy. In that way prescribes grow in knowledge and efficiency in the administration … Read more


     S.M.BHATTACHARJEE,M.D., P.R.S.M. (Homoeopath).   Like poetry, medical cases may be classified as classic and romantic classic cases are those that clearly present the perfect picture of a drug-set cases that follow the well defined lines of a drug-picture drawn up in a Materia Medica. They are easy to grasp and quickly responsive to treatment. Romantic … Read more


[ Read before the Bureau of Materia Medica, I.H.A., June 21, 1951]. K.A. MCLAREN M.D.   We, as physicians, are constantly called upon to decide whether a given patient has real or imagined heart disease. In the majority of cases the decision can be made from an accurate history, from the subjective symptoms, plus what … Read more


B.K. GOSWAMI.   CHOLERA INFANTUM. Cholera Infantum is not a real cholera but is a dangerous type of summer complaint of children. It is characterized by frequent purging and vomiting in association with a rise of temperature. The stools are watery and copious. Dehydration and consequent weakness are always obvious accompanying factors. Hand-fed and bottle-fed … Read more