Donald Macfarlan   A RECENT PROVING. “For the last year or so, Drs. Donald and Douglas Macfarlan (Philadelphia) have made a re-proving of Lachesis, in the 30th potency, on a host of male and female provers. Frequent, reliable symptoms are herein recorded”. (1) APPREHENSIVE IRRITABILITY. LACHRYMOSE. Trembling states. Censorious. DAYTIME VERTIGO WORSE ON WALKING, BETTER … Read more


Tyler M L   WITH INDICATIONS. Calcarea. Anaemia, from menorrhagia, etc., loss of fluids. haemorrhages, sweat, diarrhoea, etc. (China) Chlorosis. The typical calc. patient looks “Calc.”; “fat, flabby, pale: anaemic, pale and waxy. Sickly; pale lips; pale ears; pale fingers; pale and yellowish. “Calc. produces that kind of anaemia known as chlorosis. It produces most … Read more


Tyler M L   A product of distillation of Wood Tar. DRUG PICTURES: 82. ANOTHER of the “offensive” drugs. Its vile odours are those of putridity. “Putrid odour from the mouth. Diphtheria with terrible fetor oris. Decomposition of mucous membrane, throat. Cadaverous smelling vomiting. Putrid stools. Urine fetid. Putrid state of the womb after childbirth. … Read more