C.P. BRYANT, M.D.   By way of introduction, I would like to state that this article is really a review of two books, one entitled Constitution and Disease by Julius Bauer, Professor of Physical Medicine, College of Medical Evangelists, Los Angeles, California, formerly Professor of Medicine, University of Vienna; and the book entitled Man, The … Read more


JACOB GENIS, M.D.   Description. Rheumatoid arthritis is commonly of greater incidence amongst the poor, hence we may not be wrong in deducing from this that poor nourishment, poor housing and clothing with exposure to weather inclemencies, overwork and emotional disturbances are all strong etiological factors. The onset is usually acute, subacute, or slow and … Read more


Rueckerts (Excerpts from Rueckerts Klinische Erfahrungen.Transl. S.W.S).   1. Belladonna. Woman of 52, short stature, mild disposition; after taking cold suddenly lost her power of speech, could only babble like small children, though fully conscious. Jerking of facial muscles; has difficulty in swallowing; shivering. Before this happened patient was extremely anxious and had sensation of … Read more