Read before the Bureau of Materia Medica, I.H.A., July 7, 1950. A.DWIGHT SMITH, M.D.   Metallic Gold has had a checkered medical history. It was esteemed by the Arabian physicians and the ancients. Later it was scorned, condemned and rejected because of its insolubility and its indestructibility. Hahnemann revealed its mighty power for good and … Read more


Read to the Rhodanienne Homoeopathic Society at the Meeting of the International Homoeopathic League Council, Lyons, August, 1949. +Reprinted from The British Homoeopathic Journal, Vol.XL, No.3 (July 1950) by permission of the Editor. JOHN PATERSON, M.B., CH.B., D.P.H.(Camb.), F.F.Hom.   INTRODUCTION. The name of one of your illustrious countrymen, Louis Pasteur, will forever be remembered … Read more


Royal Hayes PATHOLOGICAL PRESCRIBING.   Such an idea should never, for a minute, be considered. Key-note prescribing is bad enough; but pathological, never. Simon-pure Homoeopaths should read no further. Yet this writer pleads guilty to considerable of both these prescribed abuses. Not that he has been shy on burning the midnight electricity in the regular … Read more