By SIR W. ARBUTHNOT LANE, Bart., C.B., President of the New Health Society. (By kind permission of the Royal Society of Medicine).   PERHAPS the most conspicuous result of chronic constipation is the removal of fat. This brings about not only an appearance of premature senility, but also a series of changes of infinite importance … Read more


Ellis Barker J ALUMINIUM AND HEALTH.   Letter to the Editor, British Medical Journal. Sir, I have had the opportunity of observing several cases of “infantile eczema,” hitherto diagnosed as being of allergic nature, and a large number of patients suffering from acute and chronic nettlerash accompanied by severe gastro-intestinal disturbances. In the acute cases … Read more


  Read before the I.H.A., Bureau of Homoeopathic Philosophy, June 9-11, 1932. JULIA M. GREEN, M.D.   The word repertory brings hazy thoughts to physicians of something mysterious, difficult, something better left alone. To others the value of repertory study is clear but the amount of work necessary to enable one to use a large repertory … Read more


  Presented to the I.H.A., Bureau of Surgery, June 9-10, 1932. J.W. WAFFENSMITH, M.D., H.M.   Homoeopathy harmonizes with all branches of science. It recognizes the value of constructive surgery, that it has an important place in the expanding realm of medicine. The dividing line between beneficial and suppressive surgery frequently is difficult to distinguish. In … Read more