The X-Ray Treatment Of Uterine Cancer

Emil Grubbe   It is well to understand that X-ray treatment of uterine cancer is, like every other therapeutic measure used in this condition, somewhat limited. When X-rays are used exclusively, they will not cure except when the disease is still localized. Patients showing regional – i. e., gland involvement – are not favorable subjects, … Read more

Editorial Notes And Comments

Rabe R F Homoeopathic Physicians in the M.O.R.C. – The homoeopathic profession has responded nobly to the countrys need for medical men, and some eight hundred of our physicians have entered the Medical Officers Reserve Corps. The army medical service does not recognize any distinction of school or pathy, but demands character, ability and loyalty … Read more

Faulty Metabolism Of Food Elements Due To Deficient Vit E

Louis Fischer   Many children are brought to the physician showing marked pallor of the skin; their muscles are flabby, and they perspire easily. Examination of the blood shows a secondary anaemia. There is imperfect metabolism of the fat, protein, and carbohydrate elements of the food. The stool frequently contains mucus, and shows an undigested … Read more

Prescription Aids From Boenninghausen

Maurice Worcester   There has always been much speculation regarding the proper method of using the Boenninghausen “concordances.” While Boenninghausen gave suggestions in the preface of the Therapeutic Pocket – Book for the use of the concordances, yet he did not give full directions. Consequently, as these suggestions are meagre, they have been overlooked and … Read more