Indian Diets And Their Effects On Health

Patwardhan V N Director, Nutrition Research Laboratories, Indian Council of Medical Research, Coonoor, S. India.   Tropical dietaries in general have been found to be nutritionally poor and those in India are no exception. Professor de Castro, in his newly published book, Geography of Hunger, states that the principal reason for this is that the … Read more

Editorial – General Sources Of Diseases

Das N C   EATING HOUSES: These are very powerful sources of disease. Many eating houses are usually kept unclean and dirty. The utensils which are used in these hotels and restaurants generally carry germs of diseases which invade healthy individuals who come there to take food. The servants engaged by restauranteurs are often found … Read more

Place Of Pathology In Homoeopathy

Dasarathi Sanyal   During my acquaintance with many of my co-practitioners, I have often noticed that there exists a good deal of controversies as regards the importance of the knowledge of pathology in the matter of selection of drugs. The orthodox school deny any necessity of bringing into account pathological changes in the system for … Read more