Clinical Uses Of Calcarea Hypophosphorosa

Das N C   “Torpid and extensive abscesses on the lower limbs with profuse suppuration.” Psoas abscesses, with great debility and anaemia; coldness of extremities. Bone diseases with caries and purulent discharges. Several abscesses in and around knee-joint. Ulceration of tibia. COUGH. Hacking cough (with soreness and tenderness of chest) after exhausting diseases of any … Read more

Effective Aids In Accidents, Injuries And Surgical Conditions

Rastogi R S   ARNICA MONT This is the remedy first and most often thought of in accidents and injuries from bruises, contusions, extravasations of blood, and for the sore bruised feeling in parts or the whole body as a result of injury or physical over exertion and over-straining. It is excellent for the Shock … Read more