Headache Repertory

Das N C   SENSATIONS Enlarged: Agar, Arg-n, Arn, Bell, Bov, Glon, Nux-v, Nux-m, Ran- b, Gels, Hyper, Lac-d, Lach, Mang, Nat-m, Plat, Sill, Spig, Apis, Ars, Cact, Cimic, Dull, Nat-c. Smaller feels: Aco, Coff, Grat, Pic. Ac, Glon. Skull-cap, sensation: Carb-v, Cycl, Graph, Apis, Arg-n, Ip, Lyss, Lit-t, Pyrog, Sulph, Zinc, Calc-s. Coldness, Chilliness: … Read more


Das N C   CANTHARIS Type: Pleuro-pneumonia, pleurisy; inflammations of lungs, gangrenous type. Stages: Third stage (Pleurisy as soon as effusion has taken place). Location: Both sides; Right side. Expectoration: Bloody; acrid; blood; rusty sputum; frothy saliva streaked with blood; black blood, bright red blood; dark blood; pale blood; difficult, frothy; mucous; sweet tough; viscid; … Read more