Prabir Kumar THUJA   Causes: Fat food. Gout. Tea. Sweets. Beer. Vaccination. Suppressed Gonorrhoea. Tobacco. Melons. Onions. Coffee. Fat. Meat. Type: Tea-drinking Dyspepsia. Desires: Cold drinks; cold food; Salt things; Sour things; Tobacco. Aversion: Food. Fresh meat and Potatoes. Melons. Tobacco. Taste: Bad. Bitter. Bitter in the morning. Bread tastes bitter and dry. Bloody taste. … Read more


Das N C PHOSPHORUS   Type: Lobar Pneumonia. Broncho-Pneumonia. Typhoid Pneumonia. Secondary Pneumonia. Neglected Pneumonia. Latent Pneumonia. Bilious Pneumonia. Pleuro-Pneumonia. Pleurisy. Bronchitis. Stages: Second stage. Third stage. Location: Right side. Lower half of right lung. Left side. Causes: Anger. Fear. Grief, Worry. Strong emotions. Thunder storms. Sexual excesses. Loss of fluids. Lifting. Exposure to drenching … Read more

Rheumatism – 2

Das N C   NUX-VOM Type: Acute articular rheumatism. Lumbago. Gout in incipient stage. Torticollis. Sciatica. Location: Large muscles of trunk, chest, and back. Large joints. Lumbar muscles. Cervical muscles. Knee joint. Nape of neck. Right-side generally. Left-side of chest. Back. Small of the back. Axillary joint. Hip. Hip-joint, Knee. Tarsal joint. Toe- joints. Fore-arm. … Read more