Prabir Kumar   Ipecac Causes: Rich mixed food as pastry, pork, fruits, sweets, ice- cream. Cakes, buck-wheat, coffee; warm food; over loading stomach; tobacco; dietetic indiscretion; fast-food; meats; vexation; veal; indigestible food; ice-cold things; raisins. Type: Catarrhal Desires: Delicacies; indistinct, knows not what; sweets. Aversion: Food; smell of food. Taste: Insipid and clammy, or bitter … Read more

Migraine And Its Homoeopathic Treatment

Alexander Zweig   Nux vomica: Migraine begins in early morning and rises to great severity; face usually red; vertigo, aggravation mornings, in open air, from light and noise and eating. The latter, as also stimulants, including tobacco (in nux vomica natures) play an important role, the same as excitement, mental exertion, and perhaps sexual abuse. … Read more


Das N C   ARSENIC ALB. Type: Acute articular rheumatism (rheumatic fever), Arthritis deformans. Protracted cases. Metastasis to the heart. Rheumatism and sick headache come in alternation. Sciatica. Location: Right side. “Joints and extremities.” Elbow upto shoulder”; upper limbs. Shoulder. Upper arm. Elbow. Forearm. Wrist. Fingers. Joints of fingers. Lower limbs. Hip. Thigh. Knee. Leg. … Read more