Rheumatism – 1

Das N C   Type: Acute articular rheumatism. Chronic articular rheumatism. Arthritis deformans. Gonorrhoeal. (Caust. Rhus-t.) Sciatica. Location: Back (Ars-a. Calc-c. Lyc. Rhus-t). cervical region (Calc-c. Caust. Rhus-t.) under scapulae (Calc-c) between scapulae (Calc-c. Ars-a. Rhus-t.). Lumbar region (Rhus-t). Lumbo-sacral region. Sacral region (Calc-c. Lyc.) extremities. Joints. Upper limbs. Shoulder. Upper arm. Elbow. Forearm. Wrist … Read more

What Can Stop Us From Research And The Use Of The Homoeopathic Remedy

Neiswander H A   History has a tendency to repeat itself. All men are liable to the deceived or misled and regardless of ability, power, or circumstances, may be due for a fall. Climaxes come and go. The only stable force and power is God, who through nature has established certain principles and laws which … Read more

Experimental Proving Of Histamine Hydrochloride

Jacob Gringauz BREATHING DIFFICULTY, FATIGUE   Lack of air; impression of having right side of chest obstructed. Lack of air, feeling of anxiety and of something obstructed that prevents passage of air. Deep incomplete inspiration. Lack of air, improving when making deep inspirations. Lack of air, weakness and generalised perspiration. Sighing breathing with desires to … Read more


Das N C   1. Every perceptibly progressive and strikingly increasing amelioration in a transient (acute) or persistent (chronic) disease, is a condition which, as long as it lasts, completely precludes every repetition of the administration of any medicine whatsoever, because all the good the medicine taken continues to effect is now hastening towards its … Read more

Hahnemanns Prevision Of Bacteriology A Misconception

Dirghangi G   In the 11th para of Organon Hahnemann says “When a person falls ill it is only the spiritual self – acting (automatic) vital force everywhere present in the organism that is primarily deranged by the dynamic influence of morbific agent inimical to life, it is the vital principle deranged to such an … Read more

Homoeopathys Dynamic Role In Conquest Of Disease

Rastogi R S   President, Dist. Homoeo. Association, Dehra Dun. We have assembled here this evening to pay homage to the memory of a great man, a great thinker, a great philosopher, a great medical scientist, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany, the discoverer of the Homoeopathic system of treatment. Great indeed is the debt the … Read more


Prabir Kumar   ARGENT. NIT. Causes: Cold food. Sweets Type: Nervous. Catarrhal. Flatulent. Desires: Cheese. Strong cheese. Coffee. Cold drinks. Salt things. Sour things. Sweets. Sugar. (Evening) Aversion: Food Taste: Bitter taste. Metallic taste. Pappy taste. Sour taste. Tastelessness of food. Taste coppery; like ink. Sweetish-bitter taste. Appetite: Diminished. Easy satiety. Wanting. No appetite. Thirst: … Read more


Prabir Kumar   ANTIM CRUDE Causes: Acid things. Overloading stomach. Spirits. Tobacco. Wine. Hot weather. Cold bathing. Bread. Dietetic indiscretions. Fat food. Pastry. Sweets. Metastasis of rheumatism or gout. Sour wine. Sour food. Type: Catarrhal. Desires: Beer. Pickles. Sour things. Great desires for pickles. Craving for acids, especially pickles. Aversion: To food and drink. Taste: … Read more